With the launch of the Tablet 2-in-1 YOGA Book, by the Lenovo brand, a new range of possibilities gives professionals the new technologies like the aesthetics fans licked and functionality. A handy, portable, which allows to combine everyday productivity through its note-taking systems and touch keyboard, but also creativity via stylus Pen and Real Halo screen.

Recognized as the finest and lightest of the world and bringing together several very attractive components such as a keyboard Halo touch new generation, a Real Pen dual-use and enhanced user interface, this new tool should enable users to reconcile creativity and productivity with ease. 9.6 mm thick and weighs 690 grams, 15 hours of battery life, screen and 10.1-inch swivel hinge 360: everything is done to be able to take it everywhere with you, like a smartphone, and so work in an office, in transport or at home.
One of the coolest features is that you can use the stylus in various ways. First on multimode or keyboard on the screen, to see the plots appear live with the style of a pen or a brush. 2,048 levels of pressure and multiple tilt angles are also available. Second, on a classical note pad attached to the tablet with an ink pen, while seeing scanning is performed in real time on the screen.
The Book YOGA thus presents a real benefit in order to reconcile digital and paper to keep it pleasant contact while remaining productive leaf. A tool which you can find several video below, as pictured in video.