Some photographs speak volumes about a particular lifestyle or personality of people. Passionate about travel, photographer John Thackwray , born in South Africa, has traveled the globe for months going to meet the local people.

For his project My Room , which will be pulled a book available at year end, in which the personal history of each subject will be told, he roved from France to Japan, passing through Romania, China, Brazil, Rwanda or Egypt. An invitation in the privacy of the inhabitants of these countries, giving sudden urges to travel and discovery. A selection of some photographs displayed in the book is available in the following article.

If you wish to pre-order the book by John Thackwray , go here .

Room 24 – Joseph – Paris, France

Room 192 – Andrea – Bucharest, Romania

Room 219 – Maleeq – New York, USA

Room 256 – Ryoko – Tokyo, Japan

Room 290 – Yuan – China

Room 348 – Asha – Bamansemilya, India

Room 665 – Marcello – La Paz, Bolivia

Room 711 – Claudio – Rio, Brazil

Room 807 – Mohamed – Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Egypt

Room 867 – Ezekiel – Manyata, Kenya

Room 915 – Josée – Kigali, Rwanda

Room 1049 – Osia – Selomo, Lesotho