A paint to draw pictures and you need more than a brush. For example “inspiration”. Inspired by the nice comments from you, the more I tried. Today I am happy to share my story with the world again.

Intentionally or unintentionally in our lives so many details are missing.A seed structure or texture of a feather … and all these details, even the fact that art can be made here.

The main thing; leave an unforgettable impression on the audience to focus their attention on a single point.

Art, after becoming aware of them it is inevitable.Painter, architect, sculptor or musician … The important thing, you work is making a difference.Because, creative ideas, creating a new artistic language.Art, is very important for the world community.

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Almond | Mausoleum

Bean seed | Castle

Lentil | Fishing Boat

Soybean seed | Tractor

Almond | Dervish

Pocket watch | İstanbul Bosphorus

Corn grain | Fairy Chimneys

Pumpkin seed | Sultan

Tiny easel and canvas | Eiffel Tower

Detail: Scale 9 x 9 mm

Sea shell | Aylan Baby ∞