Sometimes it happens that by laughing, suddenly you find tears also start coming together with it- very confusing, because ordinarily we think they are contrary. When you are full of ears it is not a time to laugh, or when you are laughing it is not the right season for tears. But existence does not believe in your concepts, ideologies; existence transcends all your concepts, which are dualistic, which are based on duality. Day and night, laughter and tears, pain and blissfulness, they both come together.

When a man reaches into his innermost being he will find the first layer is of laughter and the second’s layer is of agony, tears.

So for seven days you have to allow yourself to weep, cry, for no reasons at all- just the tears are ready to come. You have been preventing them. Just don’t prevent, and whenever you feel they are not coming, just say, “Yaa boo!”

These are pure sounds, used as a teaching to bring all your laughter and all your tears and clean you completely, so that you can become an innocent child. This is absolutely my meditation.

Leela will be in charge of it and you will be surprised that no meditation can give you so much as this small strategy.
This is my experience of many meditations, that is what has to be done to break tow layers in you.

Your laughter has been repressed; you have been told, “don’t laugh, it is a serious matter.” You are not allowed to laugh in a church, or in a university class…

So the first layer is of laughter, but once laughter is over you will suddenly find yourself flooded with tears, agony. But that too will be a great unburdening phenomenon. Many lives of pain and suffering will disappear. If you can get rid of these two layers you have found yourself.

There is no meaning in the words, “yaa-hoo” or yaa-boo.” These are simply techniques, sounds which can be used for a certain purpose to enter into your own being. And you may have felt it- when you shout, “yaa-hoo!” you may have felt a sudden breeze of freshness and joy