Cardin is a photographer based in Rochester, New York, whose dreamy portraiture exposes “human themes of loneliness, isolation, melancholy, love, and loss.” Featured here are images from her recent work, all of which are self-portraits. Having trained as a ballet dancer, Cardin incorporates movement, using her body to pose in ways that are indicative of internal battles against the weight of darkness and the complexity of living. By adding surrealist elements—such as piercing arrows, sprouting lilies, and entwining roots—she allows the viewer to see deeper into the figurative story each photo portrays.

Josephine Cardin - Cupids arrowJosephine Cardin - birds pecking neckJosephine Cardin - rootsJosephine Cardin - bugs and dirtJosephine Cardin - regrowthJosephine Cardin - heartJosephine Cardin - spiderJosephine Cardin - seeing insideJosephine Cardin - blind

Images © Josephine Cardin

Via Dark Beauty