The funny thing about consultants is, they’re all scared of the exact same thing.

They’re all scared of clients discovering that what they do, just doesn’t work all that well.

Sure, they’re all smart, but it isn’t about smart, it is about being effective.

The memes abound: The future of business is disruption! The future of business is transformation! The future of business is this, that and the other!

They’re all busy measuring, but are they measuring stuff that really matters? And what do they do once they are done measuring? Often, not much.

Everybody wants to offer change, that’s where the action is.

But the thing is, “thought leadership” doesn’t equal effectiveness. Real change doesn’t come from the latest business trend.

Real change happens when people change.

And people don’t change unless their emotions change first. When you connect deeply with them.

Which is why we like to use the phrase, “Nothing happens until somebody feels something.”

Hey, it works for us