The famous image messaging and multimedia mobile application, Snapchat is ready to sell sunglasses. You might get shocked to read this. But before you start guessing anything, allow us to tell you that these are not usual sunglasses that you wear and walk but rather equipped with cameras called Spectacles.

These smart glasses can shoot first-person video clips and transfer them directly to the Snapchat app. You must be wondering how this works. (Also read: Use A Long Random Password To Secure Your Account From Hackers)

Actually, these Spectacles with a camera record videos up to 10 seconds after you a tap a button on the top left-hand corner of the frames. Suppose you push it twice, it’ll record a video for up to 30 seconds. Lights on the inside and outside of the frames alert the wearer and anyone around them that the camera is recording the object.

This video will be transferred to your Snapchat memories via WiFi or Bluetooth in your phone. You can also save the snaps on the Spectacles too. (Also read: This Is How You Receive WhatsApp Hoax In Your Phone)

The videos look circular but can play full screen with the phone oriented in any direction. The camera-glasses use a 115-degree-angle lens that resembles a human eye’s natural field of view. The working theory of the smart glasses is already demonstrated on the company’s promo video for the glasses.

The glasses will cost around Rs 8,700 when they go for sale later this year, which according to experts is not the right time to launch sunglasses. The glasses will be available in three colors – black, teal and coral, in limited quantities. The glasses can be recharged in their case and will hold a charge for about a day.

Snapchat recently announced that it would sell smart glasses and also renamed itself Snap Inc. to declare its expansion into consumer hardware via, according to a statement on the new site

Announcing the change, CEO Evan Spiegel said in a blog post that Snapchat will remain Snapchat. However, it is not only limited to the social network, which is now not the only product the company. He revealed the glasses to a Wall Street Journal reporter on Friday night.

(Image: Indiatimes)