Have it all. Achieve what you want to in life. Does anything seem familiar in these two statements? Yes, they inspire you to fulfill your dreams but there is something contrasting between the two as well. While the first statement reflects the urge to fulfill greed, the latter focuses upon prioritizing important milestones in life. People have set an impossible standard of ‘having it all’ for themselves and for others, a huge list that includes a luxurious property, a high-end car, a highly paid job, a perfect family life, and an extremely good looking face and body. But, what people fail to realize is, in the pursuit of a perfect life, they have lost the peace of their mind. They have missed on living the life they have been blessed with. (Also read: Why You Should Not Think Twice Before Quitting (Sometimes)

Take the example of a working woman. She gets up early in the morning to indulge in that cruel fitness regime so that she looks presentable. Then, she rushes to make breakfast and pack lunch for her kids. In the meager time left, she gets ready for her office and in office, she puts in all her efforts to be her productive best. When she returns home tired, unwilling to eat dinner herself, she has to cook it because the responsibility of feeding her family is on her. And, after everything she did all day long, she will not be content with the way she maintained her work-life balance.

People need to realize, it really does not matter whether you have everything or not, what matters is you must have what matters the most to you. Let the characters of a superman or a superwoman stay on the 70 mm screen only. On the canvas of your life, you need not paint their reflection. You need not be deemed as a superhero. (Also read: Become A Better Version Of Yourself With These Four Steps)

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