BDSM tattoo art by Sad Amish Tattooer

Note: Contains nudity.

Sultry and self-indulgent, Sad Amish Tattooer’s art captures sensual candids. Sweet, funny, graphic, orgasmic, his sketches explore a world of physical pleasure.

Subtle details in the tilt of a knee or the placement of hair really sell the energy of each moment. He’ll play with shifts of perspective to set the tone for sex scenes. A high-angle polaroid of panties on the floor teases us with timid vulnerability. A low-angle shot of a webcam girl feels voyeuristic, yet engaging. Every line is carefully drawn, with the goal of welcoming us into the bedroom with her. His clients connect with these women enough to tattoo them forever, perhaps the most intimate part of it all.

Woman drinking wine tattoo by Sad Amish TattooerSmoking woman tattoo by Sad Amish TattooerVoyeuristic polaroid of panties tattoo by Sad Amish TattooerBondage tattoo by Sad Amish TattooerBohemian smoking tattoo by Sad Amish Tattooerwoman lying on stomach, tattooFemale lovers tattoo by Sad Amish TattooerChoking fetish tattoo by Sad Amish TattooerRope bondage tattoo by Sad Amish Tattooer

Photos © Sad Amish Tattooer