Pamela Wilson - Feral Unlucky

Pamela Wilson is a California-based artist who paints offbeat characters in surreal worlds. Among her colorful cast are dark-eyed children collecting specimens in the woods, distraught entertainers collapsed in quiet backrooms, and madcaps posing nonchalantly while the horizon burns. Each figure has an air of innocence and agelessness, and each is involved in a mysterious story, evoking memories of dreams and powerful, intangible emotions. Wilson is represented by RJD Gallery in Sag Harbor, New York, and Evoke Contemporary Gallery in Santa Fe.

Pamela Wilson - Murmurs from the HollowPamela Wilson - The KeeperPamela Wilson - The End of ShadowsPamela Wilson - Sweet Secrets of Bare DeliriumPamela Wilson - Dearly DecampedPamela WIlson - The Troublous IncuriousPamela Wilson - When the Wolf's Bane BloomsPamela Wilson - Festooned WallflowerPamela Wilson - Liar Liar

Images © Pamela Wilson

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