Patricia Piccinni, Bootflower — fleshy flower installation

Note: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers.

Patricia Piccinini is an Australia-based multimedia artist known for her large sculptures of fleshy hybrids that trouble the categories of human and animal, natural and unnatural. In the past year, she has created some astounding sculptures of alien-like flowers, titled “Bootflower,” “Metaflora (Stone Mountain),” and “Metaflora (Twin Rivers Mouth),” shown respectively below. The “flowers,” made out of silicone, fibreglass, and human hair, seem to move with sentient life, with gaping mouths, twisting necks, and hairy manes. Interested in science and the concerns surrounding bioengineering, Piccinini’s beautifully grotesque “plants” challenge us with questions of identity and the manipulation of life.

The last three images shown below are older but seminal works. The sculpture “The Long Awaited” (2008) was featured in Illusion’s “10 Nude Sculptures that Caused a Stir.”

Patricia Piccinni, Bootflower, back view — fleshy flower installationPatricia Piccinni, Metaflora (Stone Mountain - fleshy sculpture with mouth-like orifice) Patricia Piccinini, Metaflora (Twin Rivers Mouth, detail), fleshy flower sculpturePatricia Piccinni, Metaflora (Twin Rivers Mouths) - fleshy flower sculpturePatricia Piccinini, The Young Family - hybrid animal with offspringPatricia Piccinini, The Long Awaited - hybrid animal and young boy cuddlingPatricia Piccinini, The Welcome Guest, long-clawed mutant with young girl

Images © Patricia Piccinini