Esthaem - Hiding behind rock

Note: Contains nudity.

Esthaem is a photographer based in Linz, Austria, who focuses on the body to uncover human identities and sexualities. While he has recently started incorporating color, much of his portfolio (including most of the images shown here) consists of monochromatic images shot on black and white film. The camera focuses on nude men and women whose bodies are always partially hidden by the environment or the frame; the unexpected focus allows the viewer to see body parts as landscapes of vulnerability and sensuality, finding emotion and erogenous zones in surprising places. The grainy quality produces a haunting, subdued effect that deepens our contemplation of the individual.

Esthaem - Woman in forestEsthaem - In treeEsthaem - Man and treeEsthaem - Man's torsoEsthaem - Photo of legsEsthaem - Man in mirrorEsthaem - ReflectionEsthaem - Torso lying downEsthaem - ShadowEsthaem - Foot on torsoEsthaem - Woman reaching out arms

Images © Esthaem