richmond street art by james bullough

Note: Contains nudity.

Not content with limiting his painting skill to canvas alone, Berlin-based artist James Bullough put down his oil paints in favor of spray cans and rollers. His urban art is a throwback to a childhood formed by the infamous graffiti culture of Washington DC in the 1990s. Slicing his subjects and shifting the segments, Bullough creates a lenticular printing quality to his images, making them appear to be in motion.

segmented street art of a woman in richmond by james bulloughsegmented mural of wildcats running by james bulloughsegmented mural of a man by james bulloughsegmented mural of a man by james bulloughmural of a woman in segments by james bulloughsegmented painting of a dancer by james bulloughsegmented hands mural by james bulloughtreet art of birds flying by james bullough

Images © James Bullough

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