etching style tattoo on arm

Robert Pavez is a self-trained tattoo artist whose formal training lies in graphic design—which is also where his career started. From 2007 to 2014 he was a print designer, seeing tattooing as a hobby. After developing his illustrative style—whose influences include geometry, etching, and artists like MC Escher—he began tattooing full time in Chile. “I just thought I could get there and that I had nothing to lose,” he told Drawing is Not a Crime. Nearly two years have past and Pavez now resides in Sweden where he combines intricate dotwork with short, technical lines reminiscent of Albrecht Dürer’s prints.

bumblebee and flowers, tattoo on armcrow tattoo, black inkmoth tattoo on handdevil moth tattoo on chestlighthouse tattoo sleevefurry rabbit and lines, tattoobird drawing dotworkpraying hands (inspired by durer) tattoo by robert pavez

Images © Robert Pavez