Lu Cong, illustration - women dancing, cover

Note: Contains nudity.

Lu Cong is an influential American artist who immigrated to the United States when he was 11. In addition to dreamy, pastel-hued oil paintings that express the subject’s underlying emotions, he also creates beautiful minimalistic illustrations in ink, graphite, and watercolor. The figures climb and dance across the page, some with animals at their side, others with mottled shadow-bodies that look like they are filled with stars. With clean, simple lines and delicately overlain mediums, Lu Cong masterfully captures the movement of these figures as they search for intangible things, seeking meaning and selfhood in the present moment.

Lu Cong, illustration - woman and shadow/starry figureLu Cong, illustration - woman and shadowLu Cong, illustration and watercolor - woman and tigerLu Cong, illustration and watercolor - woman and wolfLu Cong, illustration and watercolor - two womenLu Cong, illustration and watercolor - woman and girlLu Cong, illustration - woman climbing

Images © Lu Cong

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