Till Rabus, paintings - Fetish Fruit

Note: Contains nudity.

Till Rabus is a Swiss artist who paints hyperrealistic mash-ups of sex, food, mythology, and absurdity. Recalling the tradition of Dutch vanitas, Rabus’ still lifes contain an ominous hodge-podge of items; sex toys sit with false dignity beside garbage and raw meat, awaiting the flies. This surrealism carries over into his scenic works, where objects of eros (such as discarded lingerie) are alienated in dark forests and murky swamps. Similarly, Rabus’ “Patchwork Hotel” series rearranges the body in unnatural, provocative ways, transforming it into a buffet for the eyes, devoid of humanity. Filled with symbolism and cultural relevance, Rabus’ works cleverly critique human patterns of desire, consumption, and waste.

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Images © Till Rabus