“Everybody wants to change the world, nobody wants to help mom with the dishes.” -PJ O’Rourke.

We’ve all heard variations of the platitude, “Real change comes from within” a billion times before.

So why do we hear it so often?

Short answer: Because it never really sinks in, somehow, so we’re constantly having to remind ourselves, again and again.

We all know that waiting for the right rockstar executive to come along, isn’t going to fix the REAL problem. We all know that real change is going to take a few people like you, taking a risk, sticking their necks out.

And we all know that doesn’t always end happily.

And yes, we all know that nobody can really tell you what to do. Not me. Not somebody else. Not now. Not with this.

So you’re on your own, I’m afraid.

Frankly, I think it’s exciting. Frankly, I’m thinking, “Lucky you”

Source : Gapingvoid