Yes Life is doubt and  faith without doubt is nothing but a death, it is not by me the sentence  is by

Miguel de Unamuno

So you’re having doubts.

You know, about that thing.

That big thing that you risked everything for.

That big thing you left your safe position in the big company to go pursue.

That thing that happens to be your big dream, the one thing that you always swore you’d go after one day.

And here we are, you’re having doubts.

That maybe it’ll never be good enough. Or even worse, that maybe you, yourself will never be good enough.

That maybe risking everything to pursue this was a big mistake, after all.

That maybe all the inner voices telling you that you are crazy were right all along.

Well, I say, “Good!”

Because these are the feelings you’re supposed to be having, at this stage of the game.

If you weren’t feeling like this right now, frankly, that would be a much bigger problem.

That’s what doubt is for. It keeps you on your toes. And you need to be on your toes right now.

Welcome to the dance. Enjoy.